CONROO unlocks resources at terminals and depots through digital networking.


We free up valuable resources through digital dispatching.

Analog truck dispatching is time-consuming and causes high costs for all parties involved. CONROO enables lean processes through increased data availability and automated data exchange.

CONROO minimizes uneconomical crane movements.

Lack of coordination between train, ship and truck arrivals ties up valuable capacities. Through increased data availability and plannability, CONROO helps you to carry out your transshipments as efficiently as possible.

Our solution enables the use of capacities at off-peak times.

Terminals and depots are extremely busy at peak times and there is free capacity at off-peak times. CONROO time slot management flattens the daily curve by controlling the inflow of trucks.

The CONROO platform closes the communication chain in logistics.

Changes such as module closures, acceptance stops, delays, short-term freight data updates create costs and reduce the ability to plan for all parties involved. CONROO enables information exchange between terminals, depots and freight forwarders.

Solutions for
terminals and depots


The slot management platform,

ETA data and the exchange of information with truckers ensure that your container handling operations run smoothly. With CONROO, the arrival times of the various modes of transport can be coordinated in a targeted manner. This frees up crane capacities at terminals and depots.

Slotmanagement Webapp


CONROO can be flexibly integrated into any terminal and depot process. Truck drivers and forwarders can register digitally in advance and retrieve freight information or be informed of changes. This eliminates analog counter processes, e-mails and phone calls.

Webapp Dashboard


Terminal and depot managers are given the opportunity to control specific truck transports, manage depot capacities and evaluate data. The web app gives control over all relevant terminal and depot processes. 

Communication between Terminal, Depots and Truckers

CONROO connects all players

Simple IT integration.

CONROO can be integrated into any Terminal Operating System (TOS) within a very short time. This does not require a significant initial investment or a lengthy IT project.

Solutions for
truckers and forwarder companies

Queuing was yesterday!

The CONROO app connects truck drivers directly with terminals and depots via the CONROO system. Container pick-ups or deliveries are registered in the app. This avoids unnecessary waiting times. The app provides real-time information about changes in container arrivals or train loading times and much more.

Your drivers use work mobile phones without access to the app stores or their own driver apps.We are happy to work with your software provider.

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