About Conroo

At CONROO, we are convinced that logistics is the lubricant of the entire economy. When logistics processes mesh optimally, companies and consumers benefit worldwide. At the terminals and depots, we have seen long lines of waiting truck drivers and we know that there are too few of them. We have met terminal and depot staff who spend a lot of time researching freight data and filling the information gap.

Global freight volumes are increasing every day, while a dramatic amount of capacity remains unused. For this very reason, it is important that the logistics chain runs as smoothly as possible and that all available resources are used efficiently. CONROO’s mission is to make this possible. We enable efficient logistics, because all resources are valuable.

To realize our vision of a maximally efficient logistics chain, we work with stakeholders at all points in the supply chain. We, therefore, welcome contacts and exchanges of any kind from terminal or depot enthusiasts, truckers, freight forwarders, logisticians, applicants, decision makers and members of the press.