Driver app speeds up terminal processes

With a new app for truck drivers, Deutsche Umschlaggesellschaft Schiene-Straße (DUSS) wants to speed up the switch from road to rail. On the application from Nuremberg-based startup Conroo, drivers log into the terminal and book a time slot. They can also use the eight-language app to transmit freight and other data. The app can be integrated into any terminal operating system (TOS) and eliminates the often lengthy log-in processes.


DUSS is now using the product in Munich following successful trial runs at the Frankfurt/Main, Kornwestheim and Ulm transshipment stations. The IT product is also proving its worth at Bayernhafen’s trimodal Tricon terminal in Nuremberg. By the end of 2022, app-based logins should be possible in at least 20 terminals.


For Andreas Schulz, Chairman of the Duss Management Board, this product is a key element for the end-to-end digitalization of terminal processes. “With the app, we can utilize our infrastructure more evenly and use it more efficiently,” he said at a presentation event in Munich, which was also attended by the new Bavarian Minister of Transport Christian Bernreiter (CSU).


For Felix Paul Czerny, CEO of Conroo, the entire logistics industry benefits from the railroad’s decision to use a neutral platform. “The app has the potential to become an integral part of any transport management system for multimodal transports,” says the founder of the start-up, which has developed other terminal-specific applications such as a slot management platform.