Digital logistics: new app speeds up and simplifies freight transport

More capacity through digitalization. Deutsche Bahn uses innovative software for faster rail freight traffic. Efficient and paperless handling in the terminals.


An innovative application gets freight onto climate-friendly rail faster. Deutsche Bahn (DB) has introduced the new digital and paperless handling system at the freight terminal in Munich-Riem handling with the software application “CONROO” from the same startup. This allows DB to make optimal use of the freight terminal’s capacity, trains can be put together faster and truck drivers save time. Thanks to digital and paperless handling, goods are processed much faster, more conveniently and in a more environmentally friendly manner. Following successful test phases at the transshipment stations in Frankfurt am Main, Kornwestheim and Ulm, the app is now officially launched in Munich. DB is the first terminal operator to use the smart technology.


Andreas Schulz, Chairman of the Management Board of Deutsche Umschlaggesellschaft Schiene und Straße (DUSS): “We are seizing the opportunities offered by digitalization: with the innovative application, we can utilize our infrastructure more evenly and more efficiently. This creates additional capacity for more goods on the climate-friendly rail. Our customers save valuable time, and with the data and advance information we optimize our operations and avoid unnecessary crane journeys. In this way, we reduce CO emissions, save paper and make freight transport by rail even more efficient and climate-friendly.”


Christian Bernreiter, Bavarian State Minister for Housing, Construction and Transport “We are promoting the shift of freight traffic from road to rail. This is particularly important on the Brenner axis, for example, as truck traffic here has particularly severe disadvantages for residents. Digitization helps us increase efficiency. This succeeds particularly well if the data can flow through and there are no system breaks. For this reason, the Free State of Bavaria is promoting the networking of the various players in the freight transport sector so that they can establish such a continuous system.”


Felix Paul Czerny, Managing Director of CONROO GmbH: “Digitally organized logistics is good for the economy, prosperity, and the climate. Together with Deutsche Bahn we are creating lean processes, increasing data availability and automating data exchange. In this way, we optimally superimpose the times of trains and trucks. This frees up important logistics resources. Deutsche Bahn has connected to our platform simply and straightforwardly.”


Truck drivers can manage their orders in eight languages. The software displays the status of the freight at any time and informs the truckers about the order at the transshipment station. Via their cell phones, they can easily book a time slot for loading and add any missing freight data.


Deutsche Umschlaggesellschaft Schiene – Straße (DUSS) operates more than 20 transshipment terminals and is one of the largest terminal operators in Germany. The subsidiary of DB Netz AG, Deutsche Bahn AG and Kombiverkehr GmbH & Co. KG, is also one of the leading terminal operators in Europe, handling around 2.2 million loading units per year. It is also a leading european provider in the combined transport terminal business.


The smart application was developed by the Nuremberg-based start-up CONROO and tested with DUSS. CONROO closes the communication chain in logistics through smart and optimal exchange of information between terminals, depots and forwarders. Capacities in off-peak times can thus be better utilized through intelligent time window management. Utilized through intelligent time slot management.